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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

A Chacun Son Gout

I write for pleasure, I write to show
the way my feelings ebb and flow.
I write to share feelings with you,
I write as I was born to do.

I am not here to beat the crowd,

to challenge or to shout out loud.
I do not feel I am the best,
I am not here to pass a test.

If my writing touches you,

lifts your heart or makes you blue,
our lives have touched and you can see
a little of what makes this me.

If my writing leaves you cold

or contains nothing you can hold
as worth a thought, do not speak scorn,
we all are just what we were born.


  1. I have a cat who is the identical twin to that one!

  2. ah no i love your verse...aint about top dog, its about speaking out...

  3. Nice poem here, too much pushiness through social media nowadays I find, nice to read a laid back poem full of simple truth.

  4. Nicely stated
    For if one isn't elated
    They can just take a hike
    And not critize what ones says use their own mic

    Great lad back write and wise words too!

  5. Hi Pen! Well thought out piece. We can't please everyone, so we just have to please ourselves...I think that's a song lol!

  6. I agree with Helena.
    It's impossible to please everyone, for in doing so you gradually lose a piece of yourself.

    Lovely sentiments.

  7. i enjoy reading so many types of writing.. writing is about expression, release, sharing those ideas/thoughts..

    well done here...pretty cat

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  9. I like it! :) Very well put :)