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Monday, 21 February 2011

Tanka -more complex than it seems

One Stop Poetry Form Monday – Tanka with the help of Lady Nyo
Just when I think I've got my head round it all, along comes this excellent pieces and throws all my ideas back up in the air.  I love it!

As the leaves now fall
At winter's cold arrival
My heart will wither
When you turn away from me
Saying that our love is done.


  1. there is much to learn and the exploring brings answers...plenty from within...a good tanka

    Peace, hp

  2. BEAUTIFUL Tanka!@!!

    Excellent! You have the pivot line going well...you have two magnificent poems here, united by that important pivot line, and you have a wonderful 'kigo' there.

    This is so classical (in the very best sense!) tanka, and a wonderful piece at that!

    Lady Nyo...just so excited to read this beautiful poem.

  3. What little I know about tanka,the 5-7-5-7-7 show that you nailed it,also it was a great poem.

  4. This is glorious and penned from the soul. I'm imagining you in a kimono saying goodbyes to the one you loved now lol!

  5. Sad piece, but brilliantly done tanka. Nice take on the prompt.

  6. Yes beautiful and wonderful transition from one poem to the other....bkm

  7. nice great job on the tanka...and great parallel between winter and a break up

  8. Well done you!
    Couldn't ask for greater praise, could you?
    Complete with exclamation marks :-)
    Well deserved. Will you be sticking to this format for a while?