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Sunday, 12 June 2011

I was magic.

Sunday Photography Interview (Part 2): Rob Hanson & Poetry Challenge

 Photograph used by the kind permission of Rob Hanson

I Was Magic

Oh, I was magic in my day.

When it took months to journey there

I bought them nearer through the air

and you heard what they had to say.

I shrank the earth to human scope

and let far distant families

converse across the miles with ease

to share their sorrow and their hope.

How swiftly you forget my place

in your expanding history,

I’m lost amid the mad glory

of technology’s rapid pace.

No, I never moved from this wall,

photography was not my scene,

I hold no snaps of where you’ve been,

my job was just to make that call.

Now things have gone off on their way

my receiver is rattled no more,

children don’t know what I am for

but I was magic in my day.


  1. Captured well the mastered design of such a decadent device... connecting the world in a way unforseen.

  2. yes it was magic...love the old wall phones...imainge back in the day when you were not at home and could not be gotten on the phone...what a nice life it was...now that was the real magic...smiles.

  3. Love the personification of the telephone...the voice is strong, nostalgic, wonderful, fully present, and easy to connect with..cultivating a sense of connection between the reader and the phone...Love it!

  4. Funny how children look at old technology these days. While photography had not been the phone's scene (lol) uniting people was. Great work with the prompt :)

  5. You capture the phones 'voice' well Penny ! Wonderful magic caught in this !!

  6. yes - was really magic in these days...and now with all the new technology...very nicely penned

  7. Captured the phone's perspective perfectly here! The composition and flow of this piece is beautiful. Much enjoyed ~ Rose

  8. Oh the forgotten phone.. I can recall our old rotary dial phone as kids.. Now I do not even have a house phone.. This poem is well written, like an "ode to Ma Bell"

    Much enjoyed

  9. Nice to hear the phone's point of view

  10. My sisters have an old phone just like that hanging in their home. My how the phone has changed over the years. Great poem.

  11. What a magic poem particularly like the phase human scope ...thank you

  12. Funny I read this today, we did the two yoghurt pot and the piece of string thing and for a change it worked! Everything is magic when it's new. Remember the first mobile phones/computers? How we forget these first steps!

  13. I love the sense of nostalgia in your poem. I remember using one of these when I was young, and despise 'the mad glory of technology's pace.'

    Nicely done.

  14. Great poem, you did capture the magic.

  15. AH the magic of techology when it first comes into being,and how it changes the world.As Arthur C Clake once said,"Any sufficently advance techology is indistinguishable from magic."So the question is is it magic or tecvhology.By the way,You did it again,you raised the bar with your poetry.