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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Triple shot for one stop.


Thanks James!   Great photos and a great challenge.  I stuck after the first three.

An anchorite within my cell,
amid a green and leafy dell,
in scenery that I know well,
as here alone with God I dwell.

Sit here with me and rest a spell,
to hear the stories the birds tell
tales that were old when Adam fell,
with truth that rings clear as a bell.

You see a tiny prison cell,
dark and bleak, a cold, hard hell.
You see only the outer shell
you miss the peace in which I dwell.

Your body may be in the ground
one thing is sure though, this time round
I finally can have my say,
this time you can not move away.

I told you to take time to chew,
that food would be the death of you,
I just wanted to let you know
I get to say ‘I told you so’!

It’s got to be the underground,
that rushing, swooshing, rumbling sound,
antique equipment all around.

With escalators stuck on stop,
no other way up to the top,
you climb on ‘til your ears go pop.

Then engineers slowly appear
and start to tweak the ancient gear
repairs for the Olympic year.

Somehow we will all muddle through
as England always seems to do
when faced with doing something new.

Next year, when thousands come to see
how good the London games will be,
somehow it will work perfectly.

Thanks to James Rainford for the use of his great pictures.

Later additions below:

See the pace at which I fly
in the billowing of my tie.
My jacket flares with the speed
with which I rapidly proceed.

I have no time to stand and wait,
no time to just anticipate
I smile and race through life with joy,
I’ll taste the world, I’ll not be coy.

The fortress was old, its walls had stood
through the ages, sieges and long onslaughts,
resisted arrows as only stone could,
protected wealth, position and thoughts.
His defences were breached with no shed blood,
just long, blonde hair, pink top and grey shorts.

Yes, I know.  I did all five in the end.  I just couldn't resist them.
I'm in a strange mood today, I think it shows!


  1. Ha! Guess you couldn't decide which one. lol Awesome, Penny. Four rhymes in a row is not easy IMO to make sound interesting and not overkill—you did a marvelous job on that account and love the London references and flair you gave to the last prompt. Kudos to you!

  2. That sounds so English, it's beyond funny! LOL :)

  3. great job on all of them. I especially like the rhyming quatrains and the deep message of the first one!

  4. Oh Pen ~ three jewels ~ middle one made me *smile* ~ Oh dear ~ wouldn't be told :)
    we'll be lucky if repairs are done for Olympic year ~ :) ~ doesn't bare thinking ~ argh ~
    glad he had some peace in there ~ great to 'see' you Pen ~ missed ~ Lib ~ @libithina loved them all

  5. Loved how the first piece followed the second, then from serious to funny...

  6. look at you showing off doing all of them...lol...very nice...like the last one best...

  7. Thanks everyone!
    For clarification, I have just added the last two.

  8. Good Lord and good for you. You wrote for each of them and they were all supercalifragilistic..
    I liked them all. Your take on the escalators came close to what I was going to write. I foolishly read Barbara's before I completed it and I was stopped by my own pedestrian lines. Hers rocked so much! As do yours. The first one was so esoteric about the personal view of a cell. I couldn't choose a favorite. All so well done.

  9. amazing each in their own right, but all five? fabulous!