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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Summer Field.

Across the windswept plains of flowing grass
the shadows of the clouds go flowing by
and bending stems make waves as breeze gusts pass
while seed heads rattle softly as they dry.

The toasting sun turns grass to winter’s hay
and fires scarlet poppies into bloom
as butterflies go dancing on their way
and buzzing insects swiftly zip and zoom.

One shadow flickers rapidly in sight
and stays in place despite the pushing air
the hovering of sparrow hawk in flight
its sharp eye scanning for some prey down there

a flashing dive and rabbit shrilly cries
to shatter peace as death strikes from the skies.

Playing with English sonnet style.


  1. to shatter peace as death strikes from the skies...I like that...or you could say...to shatter death as peace strikes from the skies...nicely done Penny...I welcome the change!

  2. wow nice capture of an intense moment...you had me all at peace in your description and then, life happened...nice.

  3. Some very nice phrasing here, and your meter and form enforce the message, the routine of death that's part of life.

  4. A) I dig sonnets. B) I dig poems with twists.

    So I'm thrilled that not only did you write a sonnet, but you turned an idyllic scene into a brutal episode of nature's carnage.

    Excellent! :D

  5. Found you on One Shot!
    I fail a sonnets, so I love reading the poets who can pull it off. I'm going to go with what Brian said...I was into the serenity, and then BAM! Death is everywhere. Nice.

  6. A very strong sonnet, quite lyrical as it moves from whimsy to darkness. Much enjoyed ~ Rose

  7. I love me a sonnet, but I can't write one. Loved yours!

    Henry Clemmons