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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Eternal love

I am entering this in a contest for a love poem.  What do you folks think?  Do I stand a chance?

You are my sun, your light is always there,
I orbit in an endless path of joy.
I circle you, warmed by the love you share,
You fill me with a sweetness that won't cloy.

Your gentle heat has thawed my frozen life,
And let new growth into my barren heart,
You've dried the bitter seas of long past strife
And let the soothing rain of love restart.

But you will never scorch with solar flare,
Nor scour me from life with nova blast.
Your love can never be too harsh a glare,
Nor will you fade and die as time goes past.

I bathe now in the endless summer of
Your ceaseless, bountiful, eternal love. 


  1. I love your use of ceaseless love and barren heart. I think it is lovely.


  2. My favorite line is "nor scour me from nova blast," quite original...I say "go for it!"

  3. "Soothing rain of Love"...I agree with Lorely go for it!!!

    ♥ ஆ ~.^