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Thursday, 14 April 2011

a Dectina Refrain. or two

who’s that
looking back
from the mirror?
Sure, the face is mine
but those eyes hold secrets.
bland, show little, round old face.
But the eyes, veiled behind glasses
look dark shadowed, bleak, lost and haunted.
So, who’s that looking back from the mirror?

my father
reflected back
Looking at my face
and seeing his shadow
ghosting in my reflection.
He shaped my personality,
left demons in my soul and my mind.
Shock,seeing my father reflected back.
I think this form is growing on me.

In response to  Write a letter Wednesday @ http://write-a-letter-wednesday.blogspot.com/ write a letter to the person you see in your mirror! 
and Dodge's Today is WOW.... ( Words of Wednesday)


  1. wow, I recognized the sudden shock of recognition - I have also at one point stared at the mirror and suddenly seen for the first time, my parent's features in my own, and it was weird.

    Hey, very well written, as usual, Penny.

  2. Wonderful poem and an awesome take on the prompt for Write A Letter Wednesday... I'm so glad you've joined us there!! How often I have had the same reaction, my hands now look so much like my mother's did - wrinkled , age spots, veins rising to the surface - hands that work hard every day. My appearance has always favored my father, our faces at the age of 12 were very similar. For years now I've seen the corners of my eyelids droop ever further, just as his did. I remember in the defiance of youth saying "I will never be like them". But alas, life has proved me wrong, and I have turned out to be much more like them than I ever hoped to be... and not all of that is bad. :-)

    By the way, I don't see the above face as bland at all! The eyes do say it all, and so much life is reflected in them! Excellent post!!!
    ~Josie Two Shoes~
    Two Shoes In Texas 
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