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Friday, 1 April 2011

Friday - No April Fools Day Please.

Dodges prompt.  I only managed nine out of ten words today.
The words are : 

Although she zestfully bounced through the park.
Typically starting dozens of birds
The irksome problem behind every bark
Could be summed up in three simple words.
She was gunshy and she knew of her sin,
Her job, to retrieve the birds that were shot,
To be levelheaded despite the din
But at the loud bang, she always forgot.

Then her redemption came along one day.
Taken from the kennel up to the farm
She heard her man sadly send her away
A pocketful of treats soothed her alarm.
Now, after some training, she has a new role
And a vivid orange coat on her back,
An owner to nuzzle, love in her soul,
She’s the companion and voice they lack.

One of the abc thingies too:

After all the work is done
Before nightfall has to come
Children tucked up fast asleep
Dusk slowly begins to creep.
Evening at last is here
Finally the starts appear
Glimmering in sky of blue
Heralding the night time hue,
Indigo goes darker still
Just lighter than the far hill
Knowledge says that shapes are there
Limned by starlight in the air.
Movements stir against the dark
Night is lit by the moon’s arc
Opalescent in the sky
Peering down from way up high.
Quiet birds’ soft murmuring
Rustles in the bushes bring
Snouts of banded black and white,
Timid badgers into sight,
Undergrowth is pushed away
Vermin scatter as they play.
Woody twigs stirring give clue
Xylophagous insects chew.
Yawning cats appear as grey,
Zephyrs carry news of prey.

Dodges April Fools Day accrostic prompt:

Annoying headlines in the news
Pretending that something is done
Relying on credulous views
Ignorant of the dates’ con
Leading others to the ruse.

For me the fun has left the day
Others laugh and join the play
Old times come back to haunt me
Lies and tricks of the bully
Setups done a harmful way

Dirty tricks played nastily
Anger turned to fall on me
Youth turned into misery.



  1. Oh Penny, This is delightful! She has stollen my heart!

    ♥ ஆεlεɳa ~.^

  2. All of them ROCK Penny, Very nice indeed !