This is my blog (now there is a surprise!). I will be sticking in it poetry, prose, random musings, things that take my fancy and more than likely lots of pictures of cats. I hope you find something to amuse and/or interest you here.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

I wrote this piece a few years back and Nancy Bowen illustrated it for me.   See more of her work here:

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Saturday, 10 March 2018

Feathered Friends

The sign reads “do not feed the birds”
but sitting there he sees the words
as nothing he should care about
for in his mind there is no doubt
these are not pigeons at his feet,
his friends are gathered round his seat.

The men he worked with long ago
are memories he used to know;
his family has moved away,
he gets a card on Christmas day,
the hours are long yet years are fast,
he fills his time from seasons past.

So here he is, sat in the park
casting his bread crumbs in an arc
for Ginger, Bob, and Dusty too,
for Pet and Jane and Mary-Lou;
sharing his lunch and memories
among the friends he always sees.

Friday, 2 March 2018


First twist the wool, form loop and grip,
Then take the hook and gently slip
It through the hole and wrap the thread
Around the hook close to the head.
Now smoothly pull both hook and strand
Back through; you have a stitch in hand.

Repeating hook and wind and pull
Until you have the pattern full
Completed there and now you see
How simple makes complexity
And one long string by twisted feat
Has now become a woollen sheet

Well, a third of one anyway. Only 66 more rows to go (about 20 hours more work).