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Sunday, 6 February 2011

I Accept the Picture Prompt Challenge!

Okay, here goes.  My first ever blog.  We will all find out how this goes together shall we?
For my first post I have tried the Picture Prompt Challenge from 
A site well worth a visit, even if you are not a writer.  Thanks to JL and Richard for their enthusiasm that has got me this far.  Look for Dodge Writes and youassume.
The poem below is a response to this magnificent photograph by

Sean McCormick - his work is magnificent, go and see it!

Huddled in the old barn
As laser weapons fly
Across the alien sky
They’re fighting down their dread
As they plan out ahead
The hours ‘til they die
Still wondering just why
The battle this far spread.
The grass reflects the flames
They’ve planned their long-term aims
When a voice calls their names
Mom puts and end to games.

I welcome feedback but please be kind!


  1. Yay! First comment on a new blog. Nice attention grabbing intro by introducing laser weapons. Nice twist at the end too. Happy blogging and glad your first post was for 1 Shoot Sunday :)

  2. This was fun. I was totally in Pete's sphere of scifi until the last line. Then saw my grandsons with their paintball games. Clever use of wordplay. Loved it. Gay (Welcome to the world of blogs...warning they're addictive).

  3. Awe Penny, You are amazing !
    This is so wonderful, I'm very happy you rose to the prompt !!!

  4. This is great Penny -- love the twist at the last line. And welcome to blogging!

  5. I like it. I would like to read more from you :)

  6. haha. yeah moms can only take so much kids imaginations..lol. nice write.

  7. I love your take on this. What a wonderfully creative poetic accompaniment!

  8. This photo triggered some similar images for me as well...a bit eerie, a bit haunted, splendid!