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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Book of Love - chapter 5

Friends – Free Verse.

What is it that make friendship so unique?
The answers that I find are so oblique,
Acquaintances believe in give and take
When there are things to do, decisions to make
Friends believe in sharing and in laughter,
With no record of owing kept thereafter
Good and ill shouldered just the same,
Forgiveness following swiftly after blame.

Undemanding love that shines a light
Into the darkest moments of the night
Illuminating the corners of my soul
Making tattered hearts once again whole.
No heckling tales of who did what and when
But remember stories of what happened then.
Laughter and tears are shared with a whole heart
As though no time had past when you're apart.


  1. WOW , another great one girl, youll have your book done in no time ! Im still fighting a 3 day headache... hope to at least do one tomorrow !

  2. True friendship is love and true love is friendship. You boil the essence of friendship into great poetic verse.