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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Early writing

 This is the first poem I posted for a wider audience.  It was in response to 'Dodge Writes' on J L's prompting blog.  The challenge was to use these words:
Oh! Look how you stand there in your pulling gear!

I know you can’t wait to get well out of here

To meet with your mates and in a Club stand

Looking tough while you listen to the latest hit band.

For you life is tangy and you love the taste,

You live right on the edge, not a minute to waste.

Posing and preening like the Worlds greatest Stud.

‘Come with me, baby, and things will be good’

You say, looking carefree and manly and rich,

‘I am a winner and this here is my pitch,

I risk everything on the roll of one dice.

Just look, you can see we are real Men not mice!’

It’s not good pretending, you can not fool me.

It just doesn’t fit with the facts that I see

When you’re out on your own and nobody knows

That you and your mates are like carrion crows.

In a mob you are frightening, you pick on the weak

But alone you’re more nervous, no trouble you seek

In the face of a fight you just wilt and then ooze

Well out of the way when not strengthened by booze.

Asked for an opinion on the fence you go sit

For so long it’s no wonder wood’s got into your wit.

Oh yes, out in daylight I sure see no trace

Of that macho, tough-guy standing there in your place.


  1. Ah yes I remember this well and was impress by you when I first read it... still holds true !!
    but surely you have an earlier one? I'm still thinking of which one to use of mine....

  2. I enjoyed it very much,but then again I enjoy everything you write.It's the envy of one who is poetry challenged.

  3. still reading through those submitted for the saturday celebration...this was a great piece of writing my friend..thanks for sharing...pete