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Saturday, 12 February 2011

St. Valentine’s Day

Sickly printed verses on
Tawdry folded cards.

Voluble declarations
Attached to plastic flowers.
Leering, smirking Cupids
Engaged in shooting arrows
Not caring who they're hitting.
Twisting tales of lovers found
In unlikely ways and places.
Neatly packaged tokens of
Emotionally drenched affection,
Simpering teddy bears clutching 'sweet' hearts.

Despite these overwhelming shows of manufactured mush
Actual love is found displayed across the world,
You can express your feelings without fear of mocking.

Yep.  It's those one-stop people again!   And I wasn't going to rant today either. Ooops!


  1. Your poem gets me into that feeling of "tawdry" sentimentality that really is tiresome, yet by the end I am reassured along with you that in spite of all those false displays, there is much, much love in the world. And I, for one, never get tired of someone expressing it to me! Lovely work.

  2. you know...why is it we need to day to show love...can we not jsut do it all the time?

  3. all that and an acrostic?...uhhh, Lovely (?)

    Peace, hp

  4. I guess sometimes we all need to be reassured - life gets so busy sometimes that people forget to say how they feel to each other. The cards tend to go over the top maybe to compensate for all the times we haven't said what we should.
    Maybe we should all take note of the end of the poem and show our feelings more - then we wouldn't need a special day.

  5. Great imagery and tone. I think that acrostics are challenging to write well. This one is very well-written!

  6. Well done Penny!!!
    ♥♥♥♥♥♥ ~.^ Helena

  7. We leard to show love to others outside the family as a kid because we gave valentines to other kids in out school classes without looking to foolish.Of course a little teasing was expected.Penny, sorry I don't have the picture I use on my profile,put I don't know how to do it.

  8. i like that you mention the sickly printed verses..so true and nothing to do with love at all..great poem

  9. I'm always amazed that they can come up with another year of sickly sweet cards and people by them.
    I always love the hand made sentiments

    thanks for sharing with One Stop you may not know it but I'm Pete Marshall for today :)

  10. @ MoonDustWriter, I would never have guessed you were Pete! Thanks for visiting and reading.

  11. great poem :)whatever you said is so true. well done! :)

  12. very, very nice! i'd rather have little actions that make me feel loved throughout the year then to receive a valentine out of obligation.

  13. Penny, you have really done a superb Acrostic ! well done my friend !