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Monday, 21 February 2011

Tanka day

I'm having a Tanka day today.

Looking in the glass
I see age there looking back
My soul still feels young
Though time's wintry finger tips
Have stroked frost into my hair.


Sleeping brings forth dreams
That whisk my heart far away
I dance through starlight
While the wind from the warm sun
Blows into my weary soul.


Soft the sound of growth
Silently the leaves unwrap
I see hints of green
I see them in your flashing eyes
Jealousy's seed sprouts again.


The sheets kiss my skin
The cool breeze softly strokes it
Lying on my bed
I miss the feeling of warmth
That comes when you are near me.


Car engine purring
The scenery unrolling
The freedom to drive
To travel along the road
Moving independantly.


My problem isn't writing
It is NOT writing...


  1. The first one is my favorite - love times wintry fingers....beautiful...thank you...bkm

  2. Wow, definitely a tanka day. And a lovely one at that.

  3. nice...love the one that starts the sheets kiss my skin...very evocative...

  4. You've been working well... My favorite is the second. All are beautiful.

  5. I like them all, and I think you have captured the tanka spirit....

    Lady Nyo

  6. I agree with Lady Nyo, You have the tanka down pat !! Love them all !

  7. What great Tanka's,I hope my post Man in the Mirror was your inspiration for the first one,but even if it wasn't it was trutly great.