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Monday, 7 February 2011

My first flash 55

This is in response to JLs prompt.  Click here for details.
This is the first chapter in a book of Love.  There will be 7 chapters, each in a different poetry form.  Chapter 1 is Parents.  From the forms on offer I chose to use flash 55 for the first time.

The title is
Child to Parent

 In the beginning, dependence
Followed by comfort then guidance.

Discipline, learning, pride;
Phasing into impatience, resentment, contempt,

The sudden shock when
Shared humanity replaces godlike infallibility.

Mutual respect becomes growing warmth,
Comradeship, trust and shared esteem.

The heart-stopping realisation of mortality
Duty and concern war with freedom

Absence, grief, haunting flashes
Triggered by family resemblances.