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Sunday, 20 February 2011

One Stop Sunday

Thanks Jack and one stop, I think....
Sunday Photography Interview: JackAZ Photography
today’s Picture Prompt Poetry Challenge…

On the street corner
A violin is playing
Darth Vader dances
While the rain falls steadily
His tunes wail anger and grief.

Perhaps I should have said Tanka very much Jack...
Please read the article folks,  the photography left me breathless.

Electronic man
Using an old violin
Fiddling out his woes
Angry, menacing and dark
Tunes and man challenge the norm.


  1. Oh sweet. You did Tanka. Interesting effect, how the imaginary sounds combine with the words to impart another emotional layer.

  2. That was so cool of you to say thank you in the middle of your poem. Jack has allowed us access to so many fantastic images that next week promises to be excellent too... Love how your poetry builds to the challenge of the norm in your final stanza, emphasizing his strong emotions.

  3. i like your tankas - and it really looks like he's fiddling out his woes..

  4. I keep thinking my poem would have taken a completely different form if I realized the violinist was wearing a Darth Vader costume.

    My take.

  5. your Tanka is well done.But puns,really. OK I guess that's allowed.

  6. Punning is allowed! Loved the tanka and that you were brave enough to go form on this great photo!

  7. "fiddling out his woes". enjoyed the whole feel of the two stanzas you wrote.

  8. I love the crescendo building to the close. Masterful writing!