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Monday, 14 February 2011

One Stop Poetry Tanka

Try your hand at Tanka using the 5-7-5-7-7 (syllable) structure of tanka.  That is the challenge.
Arithmetic and words, not a good mix for me but here we go.  Since it is St. Valentines Day, I thought it appropriate to go for the original type of this verse, a love poem.

This heart full of blood
Dutifully beating hard
Keeping me alive
Is still somehow so empty
When you are no longer near.


  1. I am not some one who knows the various forms of poetry,but it seems to me you nailed it.But then again that's what I have come to expect.

  2. The thought behind this tanka is amazing Pen, heads up about the syllable count on line 4 but shhh ;) First one I've tried too, never understood what they were until today!

  3. I've come to love your ablities in writing poetry Penny.... I see a book in your future !

  4. You did fine here...on the syllable count and in the intention of the tanka.

    Good work!

    Lady Nyo

  5. hopefully abscense will make this heart grow even stronger Pen ~ loved it ~ Lib ~ happy valentines xx

  6. Makes my heart ache
    A sad Valentine
    Well done tanka
    Thanks for being part of One Stop today

  7. i love this! great tanka.