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Friday, 18 February 2011


Practicing a sonnet:
Ah, but there's more to a sonnet than just the structure of it. A sonnet is also an argument — it builds up a certain way. And how it builds up is related to its metaphors and how it moves from one metaphor to the next. In a Shakespearean sonnet, the argument builds up like this:
  • First quatrain: An exposition of the main theme and main metaphor.
  • Second quatrain: Theme and metaphor extended or complicated; often, some imaginative example is given.
  • Third quatrain: Peripeteia (a twist or conflict), often introduced by a "but" (very often leading off the ninth line).
  • Couplet: Summarizes and leaves the reader with a new, concluding image.

As girls with models faces, models gaits
With perfect features painted on each face
And not a hair or freckle out of place
Like pictures on a box of chocolates.
This perfect beauty captured in a scene
Is stacked up in each city and each town
Chocolate box perfection, one could drown
In sweet copies of perfect beauty queen
But no, behind each picture on a lid
Sweet chocolates are hiding, tempting taste,
While beneath this cosmetic paint and paste
Among the sweet both sour and harsh are hid.
Perfection may be beauty but for me
There's more in individuality.

So.  Did I get there?

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  1. You know my abitity as far as poetry goes,but I think you nailed it..What an education I am getting followim the poetry of four individuals.