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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Now for the Picture Prompt Challenge!

Another brilliant photo by Jack – Thanks, you keep me thinking.
I also blame Jack for making me late for work the other morning – see here : http://pensrandomjottings.blogspot.com/2011/02/beautiful-sunrise-this-morning.html

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  Past Still Present

I may be just a chunk of history,
A dusty piece of scrap on an old desk,
You barely spare a passing glance at me,
You find me oh so clumsy and grotesque.
You see me as the past you’ve left behind,
Discarded as you move to better things,
Pushed so far to the back of your full mind,
By wonders that the modern age now brings.
But I am an ancestor of the print
That floods the modern electronic age,
The lettered keys on my front give hint
That my descendants have reached a new stage
For they are the new keyboards and  touch screens
And I am the ghost in modern machines.


  1. Ghost in modern machines - love that line!

  2. I agree, Love that line also...Ghost...in ...modern...machines...Great write Pen ~.^ Helena ♥

  3. Oh I love your poem, so true 'discarded as you move to better things."

    Thanks for your visit to my blog today, I had forgotten the sentence exercise "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog." I knew there was another one, but my old mind couldn't think of it until your visit. "Memories may be beautiful... and yet... what's to painful to remember, we simply tend to forget."

  4. I was looking for a particular quote I liked best and realized I want to quote the whole poem before settling on the following from the second half, "But I am an ancestor of the print
    That floods the modern electronic age,
    The lettered keys on my front give hint
    That my descendants have reached a new stage." A literary/technological spirit that speaks in evolving terms. Great write.

  5. but without the typewriter would be have progressed to there...nice bit of evolution you penned...pen

  6. i like the ghost in modern machines..you captured well how things have developed...and i'm so glad they did..

  7. Loved the ghost in modern machines... ghosts of minds pasts also comes to mind. Stories told, words finding their place.

  8. No ghosts on the old type onnly lack of correction type! Things were a lot less hassle, apart from changing the ribbon which was a bit of a hassle! Ghosts in the modern machine, well I'd pin that on the procrastinating we do on fb and twitter, but then that's just me..mayhap XD

  9. Isn't that so true about life? We discard...and move on...yet there is magic we gain if we learn to blend the two worlds...now to pass that onto our youth...

  10. I see that the other commenters loved your finish too. Insightful and elegant.

    And the other exercise that GIgi wondered about? "Now is the time for good men to come to the aid of their country." (There was an earlier version with "party."

  11. Solid work, good end-line (summed it up nicely).