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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Book of Love - chapter 2 - English Sonnet, mark 2

 Sibling Bonds

Brother, sister, the words speak of shared blood,
A heritage, a background that is shared.
A common bond, bound together for good,
A family inheritance declared.
And so it is, those ties twined oh so tight
Demand the link lives on through all our lives,
Against them we may strive with all our might
But they can not be cut by mortal knives.
Sometimes our hearts may lead us down a road
That, with the heartless carelessness of fate,
Leads to the breaking of some moral code
And turns love to its dark reflection, hate,
Still one thought remains above all other,
He's wrong but all the same he's my brother.


  1. absolutely great.How often due we agree our sibilings are right,but we love them just the same.

  2. Much better Penny !
    LOVE the last two lines !