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Friday, 25 February 2011

Coincidences happen

Yes, they are at it again!  It is these people at http://onestoppoetry.com/.
Or to be precise, you Mr. Brian Miller!

"So along that thread write a poem inspired by the heart, the community, your desire or angst about writing – in other words write!!!"

And my friend JL, who early today came up with the prompt 

" Today's Prompt is FIRST AND LAST

Today we will do the line ...
I opened a secret passageway...
The rules are ...
You MUST use this as the first and last line in your write, as it is given."

To which I responded with this before I dropped in at onestoppoetry

I opened up a secret passageway
Deep, deep down far within my own mind
And I found an escape from the grey,
Dull and dismal world of everyday,
I felt that I had been so very blind.

Deep inside my imagination
I found a whole new world I can love
Where words show a strong inclination
To set up their very own nation
With debates that fit them like a glove.

Where numbers dance in their symmetry
That grave stately waltz of proven fact
Defining life using logics key
And making forms for some poetry
To party with the words and make a pact.

I can escape with many a friend
And happily spend all of my day
With words and numbers in a fine blend.
Yes, life is fun now that, in the end,
I opened a secret passageway. 

And they say coincidences don't happen.


  1. fascinating write as i love going down that secret passageway to imagination land...the only problem is coming back when i am needed...smiles. down the rabbit hole....

  2. I know, work seriously interfers with my life!

  3. There have been many a night when friends have visited and there awake in the dim light, I am compelled to write for fear of forgetting once morning arrives...Enjoyed this Pen ~.^ Helena

  4. Funny how you can open up a whole new world whn you're writing. Tome ticks by so quickly. thanks for sharing x

  5. Imagination does build new kingdoms in inner space. Well done and happy I could visit yours. Gay

  6. strangely entranced was i by travelling with through your secret passage, i missed the rhyme scheme. i love how you brought numbers into this dance of words. lovely poem.

  7. Definitely loved secret passage.to the point and descriptive

  8. Thank you for showing the joy of imaginative writing.

  9. Good piece, with some distinctive word pairings.