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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Responding to today's Sunday Poetry Challenge!

Wow!  Onestoppoetry are still in winning form as you can see if you follow the link and read today's interview.  Thanks Onestop!

Thanks to India Hobson of India Hobson Photography.  for providing us with a great challenge photo and allowing us to use it.

Paparazzi peek-a-boo

Paparazzi peek-a-boo,
You snap me and I snap you.
Artificial lightnings flare,
Flashes go off everywhere.
Who will get that magic shot?
Who has got it, who is hot?
Stars will flicker in the night
Lit by camera flashing light.
What’s the story?  What’s the take?
Just what comment will we make?
Can we snap the hide-behind
And twist the image in your mind?
Who interprets what you see?
Is it you or is it me?
Make a story, break a heart,
Build success, tear one apart.
These are things that we can do.
Paparazzi peek-a-boo.


  1. I like the way you sandwiched the poem between the repeated lines - wrapped it up nicely!:)

  2. Love the "simplistic" nursery rhyme sound (not at all simple to pull of well). I think the poem really kicks into high gear when flashbulbs start going off. Fun, playful lines; yet very telling in regard to our visual culture.

  3. love it sets a scene and has a great beat to it .

  4. you made rhyming couplets look really easy Pen, I'm jealous! I wonder sometimes if the paparazzi have conscience, or is it actually there fault, that today's society as a whole craves celebrity gossip so much, we love seeing heartbreak captured in heart wrenching photos. Great take

  5. nice. love the playful seriousness of this..

  6. Great one Penny !
    You really caught the feel of the paparazzi !
    By the way so happy you like my answer to your challenge... it was more fun than I thought it would be !