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Monday, 11 April 2011


Our friends at onestop offer up another form for me to massecre today.  Come and learn about it here.

Monday One Stop Poetry Form – Guest Host Anne Welch – Shadorma

Personally, I am not sure if I like it.  It seems a bit more like diced prose than poetry to me.

 Still, I tend to favour form and that is an arguament that can run and run forever while having all the validity of oil painters fighting watercolourists over which is best.  Art is where you find it. 

Anyway.  Three trys.  I hope it isn't three strikes and I am out, lol.


Surely not,
This simple line form
cannot be
so simple,
there must lurk some unseen twist
I have failed to grasp.

Spiders web
decked in diamonds
lacily draped on hedgerows
arachnids’ larder.


Dawn chorus
soloist leads in
others join
building sound
glorious cacophony
announcing morning.


  1. Definitely not a 3 strike count, lovely shadorma write up, nice terms and well constructed, I even like the style of putting it on step, great job on prompt.

  2. Ohh arachnids larder ~ lovely imagery Pen ~ I enjoyed the form and had a bash at something I'd previously written ~ loved it Pen ~ Lib ~ @libithina

  3. ~glorious cacophony~announcing morning~I love these~
    Lovely imagery indeed~

    ♥ ஆ ~.^

  4. Love your imagery in 'spiders web' ~ fabulous! : )

  5. I think that's all there is too it. I researched the form a little too but apparently it's just a stretch on the haiku without the delicate demands of haiku. Well done here on all three!

  6. Three hits I would say... I especially liked the spider's web one. Beautifully done.

  7. smiles. love that morning song you sing today...nicely played.

  8. i really like the second one, very descriptive

  9. You make any form look like it is as easy as walking Penny !
    Loved all three !

  10. like the form or not, you wrote beautiful poems.

  11. You pulled great poems from your "arachnid's larder." Beautiful job. Thank you.