This is my blog (now there is a surprise!). I will be sticking in it poetry, prose, random musings, things that take my fancy and more than likely lots of pictures of cats. I hope you find something to amuse and/or interest you here.

Thursday, 21 April 2011


Yesterday was water, today had to be fire.  I will have to work my way through the elements!

I am the lightning spark,
the brightness in the dark,
I make the rainbow arc.

I am what you see by,
the sun up in the sky,
I make you warm and dry

I cook the food you eat,
I am the source of heat,
I make the ice retreat.

You seek to subdue me,
look how tame I can be,
working at your decree.

I free metal from ore,
turn sand to glass and more,
I am a tool of war.

I can rage in passion,
spread in rapid fashion,
I have no compassion.

I can turn life to ash,
turn wild in just a flash,
I sting like a whiplash.

Death, destruction, sorrow,
these things always follow
everywhere that I go.

You need me, you’re near me,
you try hard to steer me,
but always you fear me.


  1. You are very versatile, and this shows off your ability very well !!

  2. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    The mixed nature of our relationship with fire - definitely liking this.

  3. I love the picture of your cat up there!