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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Finding Peace.

I had to go home so I could move on
To see the past was past and is no more,
To know the end of this long marathon,
And leave behind the memories that tore.

I made mistakes that still make me feel raw,
I know that I was no child paragon
There were things there I had not faced before,
I had to go home so I could move on.

So I went back to my home town, drove on
To see the house where I had lived before,
And walk past the old school where I had gone,
To see the past was past and is no more.

I did the thing that I solemnly swore
That I would never do, but done is done,
I wanted to lay down the pain I wore
To know the end of this long marathon.

Remembering the things I'd undergone,
My eyes took in the changes that I saw,
My mind was able to let go, be done
And leave behind the memories that tore.

I saw the past but also there was more,
I went in search of peace, this time I won.
To find the balance I was searching for,
I found the future, strange phenomenon,
I had to go home.


  1. Yes. I had a similar experience but could have never described it so eloquently. Thank you.

  2. We have to revisit the past so we can go on....nicely done!

  3. This reminds me of Miranda Lambert's song "the house that built me," there is something refreshing about returning and especially finding out you are a different person in spite of your childhood home...Glad you found your peace

  4. sometimes we have to go back to the beginning to move forward again, you know...

  5. I'm glad you went back Penny, it always helps to put it behind us. I like that song by Miranda Lambert also, It sure tells a story that I can relate to.

  6. The repetition captures well the feeling of the past tugging against the future...

  7. Mastering the form too...
    You express well the things that are hard for most to express, takes tallent my friend, you should be very happy !
    ENJOY !