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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

WOW.... ( Words of Wednesday) over at Dodge Writes

 Dodge says:

For our prompt today we are trying ...The ZaniLa Rhyme... a form created by Laura Lamarca. It has a minimum of three stanzas and no maximum poem length. There are 4 lines per stanza and the rhyme scheme for this form is abcb, with a syllable count of 9/7/9/9 per stanza. The 3rd line is written as a conjunction and this line repeats at the 3rd line in each stanza, but each time the order is switched up. For example, if your 3rd line is: Make me belong and sing me a song, then you'll repeat it in the 2nd stanza as: Sing me a song and make me belong .





A truely evil form I think but I had a bash:

 No More

There must be an end to mindless hate,
thoughtless, careless emotion,
to find true peace and for wars to cease,
to bring an end to this commotion.

Hate may be the opposite of love,
piercing, twisting, nasty knife,
for wars to cease and to find true peace
we must stop this pendulum of strife.

Extreme, irrational emotions,
nursed into a hate-filled flame,
to find true peace and for wars to cease,
these are the kind of things we must tame.

Hold your hand, your tongue, that hasty word,
that throws fuel on the fire,
for wars to cease and to find true peace
before we perish on that last pyre.

There is no glory in starting war,
destruction and death abound,
to find true peace and for wars to cease
we need to find neutral common ground.


  1. applause, applause, applause !!!
    Penny you are a master !
    We need to get you published !!
    Well done !


  2. check out poetry potluck today at JP, hope to see you in when you are ready, bless your day.