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Monday, 25 April 2011

One Stop Poetry Form – Prosody Week Two

Another great article on prosody from Gay here:
Go have a look!

Well, I have learned something this week.  I am as clumsy on my literary feet as I am the ones on the end of my legs.  Ah me.
I have aimed for trochees, please tell me if I have hit or missed by a country mile......

Gentle breezes cooling sunburn,
teasing strands of heat-browned grasses,
carrying the scent of rainfall
from the distant purple hillside.
Waking once again the gurgle
as the sun-baked stream bed trickles
with the coming of the water,
slaking arid, dust dry surface,
polishing the leaden pebbles
into glowing, jewel-toned treasures.
Soothing sounds of renewed plenty
as the drought at last releases
desiccation’s harsh constriction
letting forth the verdant flourish
as the parched and wilting plant life
drinks again from Freyr’s bounty.  


  1. it is a very peaceful verse you create there at the end of the drought, it left me light and joyful...

  2. Just wonderful! Wish I could have come up with something as poetic, beautiful and joyous as this. But by the end of last night, my creative juices (unlike my draining sinuses as result of massive allergies this season) had dried up. Or perhaps the one set merely replaced the other.

    I would say these were all trochees except maybe ?? for a couple of spondees at the end. EXCELLENT (read that as JEALOUS). Gay

  3. Oh dear. I didn't mean at the end of the poem on the spondees, I meant perhaps at the end of a couple of lines. Sorry.

  4. Penny this is jut wonderful!!! drinks again from Freyr’s bounty. ♥ ஆεlεɳa

  5. Like that.Neat.

  6. I know nothing about the prosody forms, as I am trying them too, but your poem Penny just lights up the page !
    Sorry I havent been around much, working A LOT and didnt have service for three days, trying really hard to catch up !

  7. a lovely picutr your words painted here, peace.
    bless your day.

  8. picture, not pictur,

    I forgot to eat my breakfast today.
    bless you,
    bless me too,