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Sunday, 10 April 2011


"Rise to the Occasion & Take the OSP Challenge!"  Says Dustus.

Then presents us with this picture by Los Angeles-based photographer Lauren Randolph.  Thanks, Lauren, for letting us share.


These mood swings are my life.
Just why should it be the balloon that flies?
Preconceptions are rife,
I see the brand reflected in your eyes.
‘Mental Illness’ it blares
‘Watch-out, it might be contagious’ I see
In Technicolor flares,
‘Or she might go mad and embarrass me.’

Just pass me by, go on now, go away.
Leave me floating along.
I don’t need to hear the things that you say,
Trying to show I’m wrong.
I’ll come down in my own time for a change.
This time, maybe, I’ll ground,
I’ve been too deep before, done the full range,
I’ll take up this time round.

Thanks to onestoppoetry for the excellent interview and, of course, the challenge. Visit the site and read some other peoples take on this photo.
I had intended something light but it went another way.


  1. wow...the take on emotional content is more relevant than what i saw.very nice!

  2. Wow. I think you nailed the, perhaps unspoken, perception of manic episodes—the anticipation of fear and potential embarrassment. The come down, or realization, in the final stanza is very revealing. Excellent write for the challenge.

  3. mmm... the mood swings...yeah you captured that well...take your ups cause those downs can be deadly

  4. good editorial of those we often see and pass by on the other side of the street. Nice take.

  5. really powerful poem, Penny! great One Shoot!

  6. Great take on this prompt... beautiful expression of the ups and downs so often straining our daily words. But the muse, she has a mind of her own, leading us down the path to where expression needs to be.

  7. I had intended something light but it went another way.

    That's alright. It was well said and it needs to be heard.

  8. Love how you related this pic to the realm of mental illness...and the use of technicolor flares...how others view mental illness or assume the brand...well done!

  9. Excellent. How different are each of the poems on this picture! Your capture of mood and mind swing seems spot on, even though thankfully it's not something I've personally known. Yet I have often witnessed it and misunderstood it in others.

  10. Strong emotional effect to this. Excellent.

  11. So powerful and down to the core, Penny
    very well done

  12. Sorry to be so late Penny, no service this morning before work, just got back a bit ago....
    You express depression and the feelings that go with it very well... I know you suffer with it from time to time... hope you are doing alright!