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Wednesday, 20 April 2011



I have danced within the clouds above,
torn the sunlight into rainbow shards,
dropped to earth to wash the dusty ground.
run across the land in joyous speed.

I have been a part of oceans deep,
foamed and frothed on waves of stormy seas,
forced down deep into the earth below
bursting forth again in a sweet spring.

I have been a part of so much life,
surging through your veins at restless beat,
running in the rising sap of trees,
then exhaled to rise up high again.

I can break cement and shatter walls
wear away both concrete and hard stone
ooze in tiny spaces, there to freeze
and expand,  destroying  with cold spite.

I am part of the great dance of life,
endless circle swirling through the days,
none can live unless I’m part of them,
I can cleanse or kill with equal speed.

Trying blank verse for a change for  One Shot Wednesday week #42


  1. yes, the contradiction of water is that it is life and it is death...nice capture...also that so much of us is water could play well with this...

  2. As a watery Pisces person, its qualities have always fascinated me, too...

  3. Penny, thoroughly enjoy this write...Brian is right, you captures it..spot on...ஆ ♥

  4. i love your poem "Water"...a fascinating play of words describing water's miraculous power...it is the 'all' of life in many facets...i like the wonderful approach you used it contemplating 'water'...beautifully written poem...thank you for this one...

  5. I have a great great respect for water and for lovely poetry such as this.

    One of the main twirlers in the dance of life indeed! Beautifully put.

  6. So wonderful is this write, Penny... You spring to life with each beautifully written word !

  7. dance with clouds above,

    powerful lines..love the feel of it,

  8. "I have danced within the clouds above,"

    beautiful imagery throughout... as Brian said, you captured the essence of water.


  9. very beautiful imagery and then, we're all water after all :) well said!

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