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Thursday, 9 June 2011


One Stop Poetry the Arts and Graffiti #streetart

So, is it art or vandalism?  Or can it be both?

Shake and clang, hiss and spray,
make your mark,  run away,
“I wos ‘ere”, painted scrawl
top of bridge, subway wall.

Vivid colours paint the scene,
hard, sharp lines, harsh and clean,
urban art form of today
gentle brush replaced by spray.

Take a chance, break the rules,
safety first is for fools,
prove your worth, do or die
winners live, losers cry.

It’s the way we see our lives,
we’re not workers, stuck in hives,
paint the world we live each day,
show the things we see our way.

Thanks to Anthony Desmond, Chris Galford and Moondustwriter for the thought provoking article.


  1. did you get into a graffiti artist's head? I really like this piece, it flowed well... especially the closing stanza. :)

  2. is this supposed to be a rap? would make a could rap, i think.

  3. ha...to me the different stanzas represent differing voices just a bit as you think about what you are doing...all though ring of freedom...

  4. Excellent response to the prompt. Modern and sharp.

  5. make your mark,run away. Just love the image.Beautifully done there lady,as always

  6. VERY nice, Pen! I, too, like your use of the two voices/opposite sides of the issue.