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Monday, 20 June 2011

For Monday at Onestop poetry

I missed yesterdays photoprompt as I spent the day with my mother in the local A&E department.  My mother is 83 and collapsed while we were out shopping.  I know we hear a lot of bad stuff about the NHS but at times like this it is invaluable.  No worrying about cost or insurance, just good treatment and helpful people.   Tesco's people were great too, helpful and kind.  Bless them all.

So, free verse.  Not my strong suit.  Here goes anyway.

 Thanks to Chris Galford for the use of the photo.

Scratched Out

There may be jewels here,
diamonds scattered amid the broken glass,
in this splashy art, adorning walls
of cankered concrete, there may be
a masterpiece that’s worthy of
its place in history.

But here they’re lost,
tarnished by the dirt and grime
impossible to recognise
like solid gold around the neck
of some homeless woman
bedecked with trashy bling.

Pure notes drowned
by blaring screams of individuality
whose night-creeping performer
declare their independence
safe in blank anonymity,
hidden freedom writers.

For anyone wondering about the title, graffitti is derived from the Italian work meaning scratched.


  1. Nice to hear good stories about the NHS...heartening. I liked your poem from the outset 'There may be jewels here'..and it's so easy for us to walk right past, never taking a second look. Nice write.

  2. Cankered concrete masquerading as bling...

  3. Diamonds among the broken glass. Art where you find it and how you make it. I suppose the urge is great and there's a fierceness in competition. You certainly capture the tawdriness of having to confront it in unwanted places. Well done.

  4. Two birds, a beautiful free verse and prompt all in one! Love the end line play of "writers". Great write ~ Rose

  5. Nicely penned. I especially like "cankered concrete."

  6. Great prompt response ...I think the line "cankered concrete is the winner!

  7. you started it perfectly, I have always found graffiti, wall paintings quite inspirational, and yes some of them can indeed adorn the generations to come.

  8. 'jewels' found in unwanted places ~ a great write Pen ~ so glad you were able to get the right help when you needed ~ Lib ~ @Libithina
    Midsummer wishes x

  9. brilliant, love the flying/dynamic imagery.

    Join Poets Rally today,
    We value your talent.
    Happy July 4TH!