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Sunday, 5 June 2011

One Stop Poetry Challenge – the Photography of Rob Hanson

Another great interview and photo challenge over at
I am also catching up so here is my attempt at the Ottava Rima.

 Picture courtesy of Rob Hanson

A man, a bench, a chosen tool,
he tweaks and fixes, makes and mends,
while sitting on that worn old stool
he works at pieces for his friends
who thank him yet think him a fool
for wasting all the time he spends
inventing gadgets for no pay,
yet he’s content at end of day.

I have many memories from my childhood of other kids grandfathers in their garden shed spending hours lovingly restoring of fixing something that could probably have been replaced for mere pence.  My own father was more of the 'Bodgit and Hope' school but I did learn a lot from him, mainly how not to do things such as:
don't  use a water-based glue to fix the bird table,
tin foil and sticky tape may work on the exhaust for a while but it won't pass the MOT.


  1. Excellent poem, so well done, and fun to read! It surely does bring back memories of the "town tinkerers" we all knew when we were kids, the ones who seemed able to fix anything, but appeared to have "non-productive" lives. I'm thinking maybe they are the ones who had it right after all!

  2. Creation is a joy in and of itself...


    "don't use a water-based glue to fix the bird table,
    tin foil and sticky tape may work on the exhaust for a while but it won't pass the MOT." Haha, fantastic. Thanks for the tip...

  3. i like the man you're writing about...and i think he isn't a fool because he does what he loves most...no matter if he gets paid or not...beautiful Penny..

  4. some of the most satisfying things bring little pay, i wonder if they did would it taint our joy...

  5. Love the positive tone at the end. Your word choices are flexible throughout and hint at a life of despair, or unfair... still finding the joy in what one does! Great response.

  6. Nicely written. I enjoyed the flow of your piece. All stated simple and plan, but to the point.

  7. Brought to mind my own grandfather, and father.Unfortunely the younger generations don't seem to want to learn how to fix,repair or invent news ways to do things.Which is a shame,for those memories are the most cherised in old age.

  8. Very nicely done! Thank you very much.

  9. many times the things we do are for our own pleasure.others may think it crazy,yet we revel in the joy it brings.