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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Memories Duet

Chance words strum wistful melodies
from strands of cherished memories,
the tunes we sang murmur again
though muted by the edge of pain
that lingers now I sing solo
duets we sang not long ago.

My voice is carried by the breeze
and bounces off the waving trees
to echo back to me once more,
I hear what I'm waiting for,
the sound comes back in altered key
as though again you sing with me


  1. Muted by the edge of pain...Feelings of Melancholy...so enjoyed this Penny...

  2. smiles. this is tender with longing and loss...i am glad even for a moment you can carry that memory of melody...

  3. This was lovely, but I must also comment on that phrase at the top of your blog, "Do not let others live rent-free in your head." That is an awesome line. I'm going to have to hold on to that one :)

  4. the sound comes back in altered key

    A lovely echo!

  5. Penny this is just beautiful !

  6. the romance of memory
    "I hear what I'm waiting for,the sound comes back in altered key as though again you sing with me"

  7. "I hear what I am waiting for." Ahhh if only I could be so in tune...Lovely Penny.

  8. What a beautiful well written piece.It shows how memories can bring back the voices of those who have passed from this plane of existence.Thanks for writing and posting this poem.