This is my blog (now there is a surprise!). I will be sticking in it poetry, prose, random musings, things that take my fancy and more than likely lots of pictures of cats. I hope you find something to amuse and/or interest you here.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Real life gets in the way.

After a forced week off poetry, prose, blogging and the internet, I am hopefully back for a few days at least.  I have been doing a little photography.
McVitie is not fond on the camera but doesn't mind playing with the strap while I try to take his photo

But he lets me know when he has had enough.


  1. My cat BRAGG runs and hides ifhe see anything that resebles a camera,but I have a few photo's from and old fashion 35mm camera. Still haven't entered the digital age in picture taking.Anyway love the pictures of your cat.

  2. What a handsome boy he is! Looks to be spoiled just like my Yoshi is (and as any well loved cat should be!!)