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Monday, 6 June 2011

one stop on Free Verse.

Form Monday -with guest host Joy Jones – FREE VERSE

to understand free verse, try the link.

Time dances past my reach
and laughs at my attempts
to grasp the passing moments.
Memories flicker and fade
or warp and twist their shape
to change the minute seen
into a new event.
Meanings morph with mood
until my thoughts and dreams
become the starlight sky
where each small point of light
is not the way it seems
but fractured histories
strewn across the heavens,
each a glimpse of time
yet no two times the same
nor do they show their date
or lie in simple patterns
that say ‘this happen then’.
Long ago stories are told over space
in eons and ages, long distant pace.


  1. nice. i carry a basket with me to capture those stories when i find them...the line about memories flickering and fading is my fav....

  2. You did very well here for someone who's used to writing in rhyme, I think. This has a good, unstructured and natural feeling flow, and the ending rhyme is perfectly in tune and clinches your point. Thanks for linking up today.

  3. what a fantastic description of how memories are fleeding and subject to change in the way we remember them.Well done,once again.

  4. Nice reflective piece...

  5. "fractured histories
    strewn across the heavens"

    That's beautiful. The whole piece just flows.

  6. True about time and memories and things mashing up together. Well written and considered here. Your voice is made of sounds, and it's natural for you. I think you did a good job of breaking into your own rhythms while keeping your "voice" in tact through assonance, consonance, vowel repetition and the final couplet rhyme. Beautiful. Gay

  7. I very nice read. it had a little beat to it