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Friday, 27 May 2011

Friday Poetically with Brian Miller

Friday Poetically with Brian Miller

    Pop over to the site and see a fantastic and inspirational story.  It is about Chuck Close, an artist with an unusual painting style.

Painted Life

Too close, stand back and you will see
that life is just a tapestry
and we are all the little spots,
the picture-painting colour dots
who build to make the patterned work
in which a thousand stories lurk.
Each has its place, each little dab
has purpose here, however drab
the life that made the mark may seem
when standing next to golden gleam.
Bold and bright or soft and small,
history’s picture holds us all


  1. nice...love the thought that we need to take a step back to truly see the full beauty of life...b/c i think that is certainly true...and however drab...love that line...great reflection on Close's work

  2. Lovely! Everything has its place and its value. Beautiful thought.

  3. yes - sometimes we're just too close to all the everyday happenings and lose the big picture. thanks for encouraging us to stand back lolamouse

  4. sorry...sorry...i get all mixed up with the names...too tired - just read lolamouse on the above comment and typed....tss..tss

  5. Beautiful! I think we all need to step back from time to time and look at life from a distance...

  6. This is my favorite. I adore how you blended painting into life. The dabs ALL worthwhile. I really liked the thought of feeling "drab" next to "golden gleam". Most of us can relate to that. But what a message" we are all special and have our own "job" or own work to do. :)

  7. a thousand stories lurk...a tapestry of spots...so true. I love how this read and the truths you speak. Thank you!

  8. history's picture holds us all. very ture it makes life worth while.

  9. Your rhyme and rythmn flows well. It seems like a few of us came up with the same idea and I think that would please Close.

  10. Its in the small dabs in life that our bigger picture gets revealed