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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Grief and Loss - a sonnet

This grief is such a fragile thing
and shatters into sharp-edged knives
spearing so deeply into lives
already lashed by losses sting.

Each shard spears deep in memories
to make old pictures bring forth tears,
so pain will reach back through the years
and lacerated moments bleed.

In time grief’s growth gets slow and frail,
the fragments dull and bite less deep
so memories don’t make you weep
as vibrant sadness starts to pale.

For time will dull the sharpest blade
and deep-carved scars will slowly fade.


  1. What a apt description of grief,and the healing qualities of time.However with me all that I love live forever in my mind were death does not hold sway.Even after a individual dies I look at them like I look at a friend who I have not talked to nor seen for a long period of time.Thus grief does not hold sway with me.

  2. What wise words that we can take into everydaynliving and as we lookmat the atrocities of things like war

  3. Each shard spears deep in memories...yours words and understanding of grief are right on Penny...

  4. Pen - I would love to talk to you about the PTSD
    my email is moondustwriter@gmail.com