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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

For One Shot Wednesday

It's Wednesday again so here is another work for One Shot Wednesday.  Unusually for me, its freestyle poetry.
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I have a broken mind,
my paralyzed grip no longer controls
the dark emotions spewing forth
from the bowels of my soul
where festering sins erupt
letting forth the stench of rotten deeds.
You see the outward signs,
the tears and anger bursting forth,
noxious gases vented from
the pitch-black, rancid puddle
filling my mind and fouling my thoughts.
A viscous slurry of septic dreams
drowning unbirthed beneath the weight
of turgid doubts and misery.
So hopes rise briefly like bubbles
on the boiling acid of self-directed spite
and burst in the cold air of reality,
to fade again into the bleak morass
as tidal pull drags me back down. 


  1. ugh...very dark...hope rises like bubbles, great visual...i would hope this person the help to get through...

  2. I know of the darkness you speak, it comes more often than it goes...

  3. Great descriptive writing. The darkness is a place I go more often than I care to admit. Very scary for those who know it . Thank you for sharing.

  4. Such a vivid description,it describes combat PTSD so accruately,I would swear that you had served in the military and in combat.Penny you are amazing to say the least.When I came back from Vietnam after my second tour that is how I felt. The world is a cold and lonely place
    When the sun sets beyond the sea
    And darkness falls upon the land,bring all my fears to me.
    The fears of life, of being alone,
    In a kingdom this side of the sea.
    And a cold wind blows across the land
    Chilling my soul,chilling my bones,
    Letting me know that I will always will be alone.

    Wrote that my first night back from Vietnam in 1967.Your poem says what I wanted to say with mine. Thanks Penny.

  5. This is sad and broken minds are preceded by broken hearts most times....hope it heals and it heals well.

  6. well conveyed sentiments.

    you rock!

  7. I also have known the darkness, great description Penny...

  8. "A viscous slurry of septic dreams "

    Wonderful descriptions! Brilliant!