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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Dodges prompt: on muses and also a look at RHYME by Gay Cannon

Dodges prompt: on muses and also a look at RHYME by Gay Cannon

Just a bit of fun.  I am catching up slowly as I still have a stomach bug and can't eat.

Night Muses.

Calliope will visit me
in the dark hours of the night time
and taunting me with poetry
she fills my dreams with verse and rhyme

And when I wake and grasp my pen
to write those flowing lines I dreamed
I jot down a good verse and then
Thalia ruins what I schemed.

So I give up and doze again
in skips Erato, hand in hand
with Terpsichore in my brain
to full church choir and big brass band.

Polyhymnia hums a line
while Clio adds a background note,
Melpomene soaks us in brine,
her tears wash away all I wrote.

So I drift off to a far place
with joyful help from Euterpe
and end up so far out in space
Urania must rescue me.


  1. Once again Penny you have managed to out do all expectations for this prompt,feeling ill or not you are a master writer !!
    Love this !!
    Thank you for joining us on this adventure !

  2. They have muse for just about everything,but were o, were is the muse for this poor prose writer,Great write there lady.

  3. The image of multiple muses hammering on a poet's writer's block is hilarious to me. I imagine a slew of specters shaking their heads and saying, "Man, this is gonna be a doozy!"

    Wonderful poem! :D