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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Word Play

I have a hundred, thousand friends,
I spend my time with some each day,
they visit me in different blends,
and they will help me in my play.

At times they shuffle sullenly
and grudgingly move into  line,
they will not answer easily
and are reluctant to combine.

In times when I get rather fraught
my friends will hide and will demur
so I am left with poor support
from those old stalwarts, Um and Err.

But sometimes they will understand
my thoughts and gladly will agree
to line up in the way I planned
and then it's simply poetry.


  1. I know ERR and Umm well,I am just glad that I can be considered in the friend category,at least I hope that is were I fall.AS far as the poem goes well said.

  2. bless friendship.


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  3. LOVE this!!!