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Monday, 2 May 2011

An attempt at blank verse.

For better examples of blank verse, try visiting One Stop Poetry Form – a look at BLANK VERSE by Gay Cannon

 Before you read this poem, please be aware I am not insulting anyone's beliefs, I am stating how I feel today.

 Osama Dies.

Bin Laden dead! The papers cry the news
which flashes round the world as fast as light,
the Television shows such happy scenes
as people dance and laugh and weep with joy.
Yet this is not the devil killed and gone
and every evil dead, all the terrors
that once were done in his religion’s name
were not done by an isolated man.
The head is gone, fear now this hydra’s child
with sprouting neck that grows redoubled then
and fights more fiercely yet.  This activist
for all his flaws, was just a normal man
no super villan guiding mindless hoards.
Nor was his call the only battle cry
for death to those who will not live his way
and so commit to his restricting creed.
Where are we now? We have a man who’s dead,
and yet two thousand years ago it’s said
another man was crucified because
he went against the teachings firmly held
as God’s own truth and way by priests of old.
The difference? A Holy flame, a birth
foretold, the spirit of our God we’re told,
I am not qualified to judge by words
who is and who is not God’s chosen one
I see a man, who once was someone’s son,
has died for something that he felt was right.
I fear that only grief and pain can come
from death like this, no peace while hate lives on.


  1. You are absolutely right and have put it quite nice.

  2. Very brave lines given the crowds we saw in America - Osama was symptom not the cause of the recent troubles. Popular movements of armed struggle/terrorism always need political and not military solutions. We in the UK know this from the bitter experiences of Northern Ireland. Today someone has been made angry and radicalised from which a whole raft of unforeseen consequences will flow.

  3. unconditional
    love begins when we forgive
    dire enemies


  4. A fear that so many of us are feeling is beautifully explored. Love the powerful image of "hydra's child..."

  5. Interesting. I very nearly wrote about bin Laden myself last night as the news blared and I was seeking for a subject. I am glad I went another way. I'm sure mine would have paled next to yours. Not only was the content worthy and well said, but your use of form was excellent broken maybe once with an anapest as is only rightly done to give a change of pace and texture.

  6. well written and write on! you've expressed same fears I've had since I heard the news (the repercussions) and same logic I've always had "who am I to tell them they are wrong in what they believe?" and why do so many die in the name of "religion? thanks for sharing wonderful piece

    Monty / bummy

  7. Well put Penny, The fact that he is just a man and the Hydras child parts... WOW ! You said this in such a way that all one can do is agree !!

  8. It's too hard to carry around all that hate...
    Wonderful write Penny.

    "I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear" ~~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

  9. Brave, strong writing of conviction. Ur right, when he's gone there's someone else, right up to the end. Enjoyed it.