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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone in America.

It is not Mother's Day here in England, we celebrate it earlier in the year.  I nearly didn't join in with today's challenge but I thought of this sonnet when looking at Dodge's Prompt, so here it is.
To explain a bit, my mother was trying to raise four kids in a three bedroomed house on very small income while also coping with an emotionally-abusive husband and an ailing, emotionally-abusive mother of her own who lived with us. Gran and Dad hated each other and both resented the time Mum spent with us kids.  At the same time, she was gradually losing her sight.


When I was just a baby in your arms
you were the one who answered all my tears,
the source of all my joy, the one whose charms
would soothe away my hurts and all my fears.

In early childhood I aimed to please,
to gain the swift reward of your quick smile,
I saw each frown you wore with great unease
and sought to prove the love you gave worthwhile.

I was too young to see the pressures which
so filled your life there was no time for you
to spend some moments enjoying the rich
small pleasures that then were your due.

I’m glad we took the time in adulthood
to find this friendship we shall share for good.


  1. Happy Mother's Day, your Mum will be proud
    And I enjoyed reading your poem

  2. smiles. my teen years were hard, it was in college i came back to have a wonderful friendship with my mom...

  3. A great tribute to your Mum! Beautiful!

  4. i think we go through all kind of emotions with our moms...and they with us as well...good if there is friendship in the end

  5. A heart-felt expression of Love...♥

  6. Happy Mother's Day Penny,great poem once again,Even though its not Mother's Day in England,please know we would love it if you would enjoy the day with us.

  7. Very nice tribute Penny !!
    I'm with Richie on this one...
    Love your blog Girl !!

  8. Your mom will love this piece... truth of youth not fully grasping, trying and moving on to a much richer understanding in adulthood. Beautifully stated.

  9. Well if this were written by one of my kids I'd be one happy lady!

  10. wonderful piece...and thank you for sharing the history, my mother and I are still working on getting to friends...I'm glad you've found peace ~

  11. What a beautiful penned honor to your mother on Mother's Day.

  12. Wonderful! Many people hang on to the resentful patterns of youth without attaining a friendship with their parents. Dig it! :D