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Saturday, 14 May 2011

From JL's prompt on Tuesday:
 Here at Dodge Writes we are once again trying a new form... the Shairi:

JL, this form is murder.  I'm not sure I got it but here you are anyway.

You shattered my heart and I fell.  You ripped up my soul, I felt pain.
Now my heart is spread the word wide. My tattered soul heals again.
The doctor’s knife lanced my soul, Now the poison’s gone, I am sane.
And my widespread heart, love has thawed.  No longer gripped by hate’s dark stain.

The Magali Shairi 
See below clouds, there rainbow’s arc?  With gentle brush, sun draws on sky.
So raindrops fall, to splash on earth,  Far up above, the paint’s not dry.
The birds curve through the light splashed bands, changing colour, sideways they fly,
Bending down low, nearing the ground, the colours bleed; fading, they die.

Now for something totally different:

Stop! Take a breath,
Why this vapid rushing to your death?
Why the rat race?
Who’s forcing you to live at this mad pace?

Stop! Take a while,
Look around, let something make you smile.
Pause in your race
To re-evaluate the dreams you chase.

Stop!  Can you see
How many things you’re missing as you flee?
Let others race,
I can live forever in this grace.

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  1. I don't know if you got the form right on the first two, but they were interesting.However I really liked the last one. Well done.