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Friday, 6 May 2011

Fridays mixture

 Firstly a response to 

Friday Poetically with Brian Miller

Please visit this award-winning site.

Among the wind-rippled reed beds at morn
Bob the waterfowl seeking their breakfast,
Curlews curve their calling flight overhead,
Dawn breaks as the sullen sun heaves itself
Ever higher in the russet stained sky.
Flitting dragonflies flash rapidly by,
Gorging themselves on early flower blooms.
Hidden within the verdant waters-edge
Insects scrabble and chirrup their shrill call
Just within the threshold of audible.
Kingfishers flash their colours as they dive
Launching themselves from tree’s overhang.
Minnows scatter at the shock intrusion.
Nesting birds scrabble amongst the rushes
Overhauling their homes for a new brood,
Paddling speedily around the edge,
Questing for last years dried soft bull-rushes
Under the spears of spring-times new growth.
Various rodents scuttter and scurry,
Winding through dangling willow branches
Xanthium cockleburs push through the grass
Yellow tinged by dusting catkin pollen
Zealous bees have carried while travelling.

then a bit more work on the English sonnet form:

How could I not have felt the icy chill
that must have lingered in each loving phrase
that came from your lips while your heart was still
and frozen in your breast for many days?

So was your passion ever fiery hot?
Did love burn in your soul and warm your mind?
Or was that spark in your dark eyes a plot,
a trap to draw me in with love so blind?

Did I mistake for love this tawdry lust?
This hunter seeing some long treasured prey
to capture and display, then gather dust,
discarded when another came your way?

So did I ever know the real you?
Was any of this dream love ever true?

Others may be added later


  1. Ah what a perfect response to friday's call :)

  2. oh this was beautiful...was smiling from the first to the last line...

  3. Beautiful. nature lives in your words...

  4. Penny~ All my senses were called to attention by this detailed observational poem.

  5. That was a wonderfully encompassing description of a nature scene. From A to Z, literally. :D

  6. I'm loving that you're experimenting with different forms, much like myself it makes things much more interesting Pen. Keep up the good work. I was here with you at Dawn!

  7. Like with jl I am constantly amazied with the scope and the insight that you have with your ability in the poetic realm. You and jl inspirie me .

  8. Perfect response! I loved the morning busyness of the first as the world wakes up!

    Anna :o]

  9. this is wonderful...love your alpha bit play and you paint it well in between...perfect.

  10. Perfect alphabet acrostic and I especially enjoyed how you wove color throughout. Lots of talent here, Penny.

    Also thought your sonnett was wonderful--a sad reality.