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Monday, 16 May 2011

The Octain...

 A completely newform to me.  For more information visit out friends at:

One Stop Monday Form – Octains

Always a good place to go.

When black clouds ink the sky so deep
a granite hue it weighs life down,
 presses a smile into a frown,
so making clouds begin to weep,
a shaft of light , the sky turns bright,
there shattering, its colours seep
and paint the air a rainbow gown,
when black clouds ink the sky so deep.

Than out of the deep recesses of my mind pops:

My well of inspiration’s dry

I dip my thoughts into the space

where words should dance with fluid grace

and find a desert’s windy sigh

no poetry to refresh me

the pictures desiccate and die.

my pen is still, it can not race

my well of inspiration’s dry.


  1. Very nice! I like them both, especially the second one. I can relate to the well being dry!

  2. A beautiful graphic which your words have brought to life.

  3. Beautiful images in the first one. The 2nd one touches us all, I imagine.

  4. Wow! Love that second one!

  5. when I first came to u'r blog. I was like "yippy, am not the only one having trouble". I read further. It was truly good and I could relate

  6. It amazes me just how you are able to come up with such great poetry time after time.Well done Penny.

  7. Wow! you wrote two,
    you seem to have got the hang of it.

  8. I enjoyed the second one best. :)

  9. ha - it looks like it wasn't really dry...smiles - a fine octain you brought to the table! i esp. love dipping thoughts into the space..nice

  10. Two fer the price of one? First isn't stanza-broken, but both look like fine Octains to me. Kudos.

    In your first - it's iambic tetrameter all the way bar one place -

    'a shaft of light turns the sky bright,' >'the' is messing the meter, how about this? - 'a shaft of light turns sky to bright/;the sky turns bright'?

    as it stands it looks like this metrically -

    a SHAFT | of LIGHT | TURNS the | sky BRIGHT

    Love this line from your second -

    'the pictures desiccate and die.'

    Great work



  11. If this is a dry well of inspiration I'm a nun !!
    You mastered the Octain Penny Well done !

  12. Hi Pen - How would you feel about me including your Octains in a thread I have running on Facebook - nearing 100 mark now - © retained by you of course and if you're on FB I can tag u in it so u can see all Octains written so far. Or else I can email you the entire thing. My FB account is on my sidebar of my blog. No probs if not. Hit me back - rapture_elk@yahoo.co.uk

    cheers mate