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Sunday, 15 May 2011

One Stop Poetry Challenge – the Photography of Fee Easton

One Stop Poetry Challenge – the Photography of Fee Easton

 Some woderful photo's this week and I get writers block.  Typical.

Thanks to Fee Easton for the use of the photo.

Poppies bloom early then fade to seed
before the scythe will reap the corn
the threshing harvester shakes the heads
and smoke-like black seeds billow forth.
Tiny seeds that fall to ground and rest
too small to separate from soil
and lie safely through the wintertime
under sheets of frost, snow blanket,
‘til springtime’s harrow turns the fresh earth
and wakes the dormant life within
to rapid growth of scarlet glory.
Poppies bloom early then fade to seed.

And because poppies always link to Remembrance Day in my mind;

Red amid the gold,
Poppies blooming in the field,
Signs there of a bumper yield
When the farmers their scythes wield.

Red amid the gold,
Memories of soldiers slain,
Flowers dyed with blood’s red stain
When the fields were ploughed again.

Red amid the gold,
Though the stories now seem old,
Still the message must be told,
Of the brave and good and bold.

Red amid the gold,
Not the war to end all wars,
Though they fought for that great cause,
Rights we must enshrine in laws.

Red amid the gold
Soldiers fight and soldiers die,
We must make sure we know why,
It’s too late when widows cry.

Red amid the gold,
Red for pride and suffering.
Red for all the death wars bring.
Red for shame at peace failing.

Red amid the gold.

And one for  Dodge's prompt:

Depression stalks through night-time dreams
where nothing is quite what it seems,
it harvests long held memories
and changes truths that one believes.
Childhood hometown quickly fading
into hell’s own masquerading
while stars dance through the darkened sky
despair arrives, chatting ‘Let’s die’.


  1. I enjoyed the cyclic nature presented in your first poem, and how you take into account the stages of poppie harvest coming full circle through seasons, literally through first and final lines.

  2. beauty fades quickly yet the potential remains awaiting its time...

  3. I too liked the beginning/ending circle of the first verse...

  4. love the imagery in the first poem, second poem hit a little close to home -powerful words. the 3rd is a very true take on depression.great work

  5. Our thoughts on this photo ran in similar paths - remembrance and war. This is lovely.

  6. wonderful! i most especially love ~

    "Poppies bloom early then fade to seed"
    "while stars dance through the darkened sky
    despair arrives"

    all very evocative writing with vivid imagery!

  7. being a combat veteran of the US Army,poppies will always represent those soliders who made the ultimate sacrfice. A very well written poem Penny,thank you

  8. All of these are great Penny, you amaze me with your words !