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Monday, 12 September 2011

Fish Toes

Some of you will know what I mean when I talk about fish fingers.  I have a new love, fish toes! Or to more precise, fish feet.
Still confused?  Well, today, for the second time, I have stuck my feet into a tank of fish.  

The fish are called Garra Rufa.  They give an amazing pedicure but for me the benefits are more than cosmetic.  I have suffered from problems with my feet since I was 6 years old.  My ankles swell and the balls of my feet become so painful I can hardly walk.  It is totally random; sometimes I can walk for miles with no pain, another day I am in pain from the first 100 yards.  
So, where do the fish come into this.  Well, they seem to stimulate my circulation.  The first time I went my feet were hurting before I got there.  After one 15 minute session, the swelling in my ankles had gone down and my feet had stopped hurting.  Despite it being a chilly day, I walked round in sandals for 6 hours without and pain and my feet stayed warm!  Given that my toes can turn blue and cold on a hot day, this was amazing.  They stayed this way for two days.  This is more than just the effects of 15 minutes with my feet in cold water (believe me, I have tried everything!).
My second treatment today came after a hard weekend at work when I had been on my feet a lot. Again, the swelling has gone from my ankles and my feet don't hurt.  I have had no cramp this evening and that is a miracle too.
So from now on I am a convert.  I was a complete cynic but now I will be sticking my feet in the fish tank every week.
I used a company called Appy Feet in the UK and I found them very helpful and friendly.  At £10 for a fifteen minute treatment, I get a month of visits for the cost of one trip to the chiropodist, who this treatment replaces as it works for longer and doesn't involve the use of a scalpel.  Now if I can only convince the health insurance it is a valid alternative therapy.....

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  1. This sounds brilliant (if a little odd)...normally I would say that's one of the strangest things I've heard, but I drive past a pedicure place in Wolverhampton that advertises a fish treatment for hard skin on feet - think you could get a combined deal?!?