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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Accept the Picture Prompt Challenge!

In response to: Fee Easton & Poetry Challenge


You call me addict,
Shun me, shame me, hound me.
Under interdict
You have tied and bound me.
One thing you predict
That my death has found me.

You took my money
Manufacturers won,
Pictures like honey
A subtle trap they spun,
Isn’t it funny?
Holding this smoking gun.

Now you laugh at me
When I stand in the rain
Smoking desperately
Nicotine craving brain
Leading fatally
To death’s dark last domain.

Freedom beckons now
The end is in my sight
For I know just how
I will spend my last night
For you must allow
There’s no point in more fight.

Thanks to Fee Easton for this challenging image.
Fee’s Twitter: @Bootcoot


  1. a rather haunting piece...the picture itself but your words the helplessness...nice rhyme as well...

  2. from anger to surrender and I detect a nod to cancer in this...Peace, hp

  3. Holding this smoking gun...indeed! Spot on Penny!

    ♥ ஆεlεɳa ~.^

  4. Haunting especially because she foresees the end, and it seems around the corner. '
    "Now you laugh at me
    When I stand in the rain"
    Great lines to imagine; also like the lines of manufacturers holding smoking guns. Fine poem

  5. there's no point in more fight...must be more than just the nicotine..haunting..

  6. You captured the essence of this picture and painted the sadness, despair…and hopelessness she must feel. Wonderfully done!

  7. Oh gosh yep I feel this lol slave to an addiction. Great take on the prompt!

  8. Wow Penny you are a hard act to follow ! Great poem !!

  9. the last two stanzas had a Poe feel to me...I LOVE POE!lol very haunting and mesmerizing.

  10. no point in more fight,
    you are right.

    powerful delivery of your emotions/sentiments.

  11. Good flow, clean line breaks, good work.