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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Italian Sonnet

You want to be my knight and rescue me,
to fight my dragons; despair, fear and doubt,
and all my other enemies you'd rout
to save me from the horrors that I see,
but I am not the sweet maid that you seek,
I won't be locked in your prison of love
to view the distant world from far above
and cling to you, obedient and meek.
I want to be an equal, by your side
while facing down our foes on common ground
and we should walk together, stride for stride
I won't shrink meekly, hoping I'm not found.
If left alone I can't afford to hide,
I'll battle on alone and not be bound.

The octogram.

You are no saint I'm glad to say
and nor am I.
Not shining white but shades of grey
and that is why
I let you in to my whole heart
for I can show you every part,
you are not here to pick and pry
and nor am I.

You're in my thoughts throughout the day
I smile and sigh,
my dreams distract me, mind astray
the time flies by.
Oh I could be alone again
but not without some grief and pain.
You're not prepared to let this die
And nor am I.

English Sonnet

Your love enfolds me like the morning sun,
a golden cloth of light when I awoke
I take it when the day has first begun
and wear it through the day as a warm cloak.
It keeps me from the cold of daily life,
proves shelter from the rain of pettiness,
and it repels the grime of hate and strife
so guarding me from all this sad distress
Yet cloth will soon show signs of daily wear
becoming stained and marked as time goes on
the nap rubs through and it becomes threadbare
while your love still survives this marathon.
And I will stay forever safely curled
In your soft golden love, light of my world.

Exercises in form.
Now my head hurts.


  1. I enjoyed your octogram - that's a new form to me - Thanks! :)

  2. Love them all, but especially the Italian Sonnet.