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Friday, 25 March 2011

My Secret Garden, Dodges prompt and Friday Poetically with Brian Miller

I have a secret garden
Deep within my heart
Where flowers grow all year round
In the light of love.
They are watered sometimes by tears
Shed alone or in fellowship.
But all are tended carefully
For all are precious to me.
No two are ever alike
And some change shape with time.
Some may bloom for just a season,
Some stay evergreen,
Some die back then flower again,
Some are hardly ever seen.
I sometimes have to pluck out weeds
Of jealousy and doubt
And sometimes I may lose a plant
Though I mourn each one that's lost
I preserve the flowers carefully
In that garden in my heart
Where all my friendships grow.

Please let me know honestly whether you like this, love it or it leaves you cold.

And in response to Dodges prompt::

Todays Prompt is USE THESE WORDS


The rules are you must use at least 8 of the 10 words, as they are given, with no changes. You may do prose or any form of poetry

Silver-tongued drugs peddlers sell toxic dreams,
Enlightenment in many twisted forms,
To young people lost in a modern storm
Where virtual reality now seems
To merge with tortured truths and to glitter,
Prestigious status handed out to some
While other people go without a crumb,
Cast off like a piece of subway litter.
Somewhere in between horror and peace
Must fall a way of life with hope for all
Where truth and justice are a clarion call
Not drowned out by loud noise without surcease,
Where the jingle of bribes shouts out loud
And brings condemnation from all the crowd.

Okay Brian.
   Here is my effort:

Distant Vision Of New York.

Gateway to the New World,
Immigrants’ dream,
Modern towers of Babel
Languages teem,
Towers darken daytime
Spreading shadow,
Adverts brighten night-time
Bright neon glow.

Heaven or hell?
Depends on who you are.
No-one can tell
From what’s shown on t.v.
A foreign strand
Half magical, half real,
Mystery land
I will never visit.


  1. You have put lifes loves and friendship along with life's struggles in true perspective.Penny I trutly love it.

  2. Have to say love the vote count!

  3. I really love it and think it is just beautiful!

  4. I like the idea of your garden, but it feels to me as though ir needs a ittle more planning to achieve its full potential? I'd be happy to talk more about it if you email me direct - one Penny to another! pennysmith5@btinternet.com

  5. I liked all you wrote. Liked the glimpse of the flowers that grow in the garden of your heart. And especially liked your piece about NY. Nice writes!

  6. All are rich and beautiful poems! My favourite image is of drug peddlars selling twisted dreams!

  7. I'm really impressed with what you did with the ten word prompt.

  8. Gateway to the New World,
    Immigrants’ dream,
    Modern towers of Babel
    Languages teem

    Beautiful expression of the city, I especially enjoyed your likening New York to the Tower of Babel. We built them tall only to have them knocked down and the mixture of people spoke their own tongues and watched in anticipation. Very interesting work.

  9. never. ah its such an experience...today was amazing so much to take in...esp for a boy from the sticks...

    i like the first one...the theme is one that is a bit overdone by many but not untrue...tend that garden well...

  10. I really like the one with the ten word propmt but all are very lovely you can teel they come from deep within your soul. I feel your heart beat in each one.
    Here from the prompts.

  11. The ten word prompt... you make it seem easy...
    Wow! so much to read all at once...

    ♥ ஆεlεɳa ~.^

  12. I really liked all of them. If I had to pick a favorite, it would probably be the one about toxic dreams. I gave up on that multi-word prompt, and you did such a good job with it.